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The Castelli Profumerie srl has selected for you the best products and professional items, of the most important certified national and foreign companies, and sells them at a very interesting cost from the excellent quality / price ratio. It offers a very rich assortment of beauty and hygiene products, cosmetics, costume jewelry, perfumes, hair products, cosmetics for men and women, soaps, biodynamic cosmetics rental products, make-up and professional make-up products, toiletries for men and women, professional hand and electric razors, Italian and foreign perfumes and much more.

From Castelli Profumerie you have the privilege of buying a “gift card” to give as gifts and use in our ateliers. Establish the amount to be entered and reserve an original thought and welcome to those who wish. You will find numerous gift ideas for every occasion.

The service is also available online, by sending an email to or by calling one of our stores:

Via Frattina, 54 06/6790339

Via Frattina, 18 06/6790327

Via Condotti, 22 06/6790998

Via Oslavia, 5 06/3728312

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