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Solomon’s Beard

Solomon’s Beard stems from the desire to create an Italian brand for those who shave their life partner.
Thanks to our thirty-year experience, as artisans barbers we have managed to transmit the culture for the use of traditional methods in the care of the male look.
Solomon's Beard

solomon's beard

Castelli Perfumery in Rome proposes Solomon’s Beard products.

Today the modern man who chooses to grow a beard, is a man who cares a lot about his image, he has taken care of the growth from the first millimeter to the last, he reserves a lot of attention, gives it a shape, creates a style own and care with specific and quality beard products.

Solomon's Beard
Solomon's Beard

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Send an email to   or contact us by phone. ROME HISTORICAL CENTER Via Frattina, 54 00187 Rome Tel. (+39) 06.6790339

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