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Castelli Perfumery in Rome proposes PENHALIGON’S perfumes.

Luna  ed Endymion Concentre’

Penhaligon’s celebrates a mythical love story by introducing Luna and Endymion Concentre. In ancient Greek mythology, the Goddess of the Moon made Endymion, the most beautiful son of Zeus, fall into a perpetual sleep, so that she could fix her gaze forever on His beautiful face is not marked by time.

The desires of the Goddess were fulfilled and Endymion slept for all eternity, dreaming of gently holding Luna in her arms.

Luna: is a new fresh flowery fragrance, offering a female counterpart to the woody and leathery notes of Endymion Concentre. Hypnotic and sensual, the fragrance opens with a bitter orange freshness bigarade, the heart develops with the light crispness of juniper berries to complement the sensuality of a dark woody base.

Endymion Concentre ‘: is a new and intense interpretation of the original Endymion. A fusion of spices, leather and flowers, opens with hints of sage and lavender to reveal the sensuality of suede alternating with notes of geranium. Once in contact with the skin, the leather notes intensify and hints of creamy nutmeg blend with the incense for a base that is both delicate and seductive. A perfume full of contrasts, bright and sensual, with a suede base.

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